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To ALL Level 2 Students of the Faculty of CS & IT

Picture of Eng. Hussein Adly
To ALL Level 2 Students of the Faculty of CS & IT
by Eng. Hussein Adly - Thursday, 8 December 2016, 7:11 PM

The CS & IT Faculty has a collaboration agreement with Laurentian University (in Sadbury, Ontario) of Canada.  It allows ACU Students after finishing level 2 to complete their studies in Laurentian U.  The courses they completed here are accredited for them their.  So, they get exemption of 50% of the requirements for a B. Sc. There and they have to complete 20 courses (3 credit hours each) to obtain a B. Sc. From Laurentian U. as their Canadian colleagues there.  ACU accredits their courses their and requires them to take 2 additional courses here to offer them Egyptian certificate.  This way, they get a full dual degree.  After their graduation from Laurentian U., they get the right to work in Canada for at least 3.5 years.  The pluses of travel are many.

The Students are responsible for their tuition fees their and their living expenses their plus a minor amount payable here in ACU.  The Students pay tuition fees their at the International Students rate.  However,  if the GPA is 3 or greater, the Student can go on a Co-Op program where he/she studies for 1 term and work in his specialty for the following term. Laurentian U. helps in finding a work in Canada.  What the Students earn during this work term can cover the tuition fees in following study term.

Interested Students have to submit an application signed by them and their parent to Prof. Dr. Hazem El-Gendy (Office 1235).  ACU facilitates Laurentian U. admission and Visa to Canada.